Marketing Workshop

Everything you need to know to get more visitors!

Create a marketing plan for your club in a few hours

Date: September 18th
Tijd: 10.00 am (online)

The following topics will be covered in this workshop:

• Concrete example of how Toastmasters Sprekershaven has approached its marking

• How can Toastmasters help you with marketing for your club

• What different people are interested in your Toastmasters club?

• Simple and effective templates that you can immediately use for your club

In this workshop we will show you how your club will attract more visitors in no time!

Date: September 18th
Tijd: 10.00
am (online)

What do we do?

The walk-in is from 9:30 am and we start at 10:00 am! After the opening, we will get to work in groups on the marketing plan for your clubs. This will be in a number of sessions (with breaks in between) so that after about 3 hours you will know what to do to get more visitors to your club and convert them into members.


o You know which people would like to join your club and how to approach them

o A concrete marketing plan for your club; you can immediately start marketing your club!

o How Toastmasters can help you

• Learning: You gain experience with marketing and see how other clubs are doing!

• Networking: You get to know other Toastmasters and you can help each other!

Note: The workshop will be given online (via zoom) and in English.

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