Toastmasters Morgenstond

Language Dutch only
Meeting Days Every other week, Saturday morning
Times Van 10.00 tot 12.00 uur

Centrum De Herberg
Watersteeg 85 | 3824 EL
Amersfoort (Nieuwland)

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Toastmasters Morgenstond is a modern speaking club in Amersfoort. We cultivate a friendly learning environment. We have all our meetings and communication in the Dutch language.

Our members are committed to help each other to improve their speaking and leadership skills.

‘This positive energy was exactly what I needed’

Dutch only

Toastmasters Morgenstond provides a supportive and positive learning experience. Our members empower each other to develop their communication and leadership skills.

Wether you are a beginner or an experienced public speaker, you will find plenty of opportunities within Toastmasters.

Important to mention. Our club, Toastmasters Morgenstond, fully operates in the Dutch language. Looking for an English language club? We’re glad to be of assistance to you.

Although our meetings are completely in Dutch, you can still contact us, writing us in English. If we can be of any help to you, we are glad to. Every once in a while we receive a request, to visit our club, from someone who has no basic understanding of the Dutch language. We are proud of our club and we are eager to share the experience. However, basic understanding of the Dutch language is a requirement to visit our meetings.

Visit our Dutch page

As our club, Toastmasters Morgenstond, fully operates in the Dutch language, we will continue the presentation of our club in Dutch. On our Dutch webpage. Through the link below. Enjoy.

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