Curious? You are most welcome to attend a Toastmasters meeting for free. There is bound to be one near you. It is best to contact the club you want to visit. 

Toastmasters was founded in 2002 in the Netherlands. Amsterdam was the first public Toastmasters club. It has now spread like an oil slick over the country.

The clubs are the hub where Toastmasters is about. The Netherlands has about twenty clubs. With its many English clubs and strong international links, Toastmasters The Netherlands has a strong international character. This can also be seen in the English supporting materials, English speaking conferences, and international background of many of the members.

On the other hand, an increasingly number of clubs organize their meetings fully in Dutch.

Club Overview

CityClubLanguageMeeting Day
AlmereAlmere ToastmastersDutchWednesday
AmersfoortAmersfoort ToastmastersDutchThursday
AmersfoortToastmasters MorgenstondDutchSaturday
AmersfoortYokogawa ToastmastersEnglishWednesday or Thursday
AmsterdamAmsterdam Early Birds ToastmastersEnglishSaturday
AmsterdamAmsterdam Toastmasters Club (ATC)EnglishFriday
AmsterdamAmsterdamse Brugman ClubDutchFriday
AmsterdamDe Sprekers ClubDutchTuesday
AmsterdamFluor Amsterdam Speakers ToastmastersEnglishFriday
AmsterdamFusion ToastmastersEnglishWednesday
AmsterdamHet SprekersgildeDutchTuesday
AmsterdamTaste and ToastmastersEnglishMonday
ApeldoornApeldoorn ToastmastersDutchWednesday
Den BoschDen Bosch ToastmastersEnglishWednesday
Den Haag Den Haag ToastmastersDutchMonday
Den HaagMcDermott ToastmastersEnglishWednesday and Thursday
Den HaagShell Toastmasters The HagueEnglishTuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday
Den HaagThe Hague University ToastmastersEnglishWednesday
Den HaagTír na nÓgEnglishTuesday
Den HaagToastmasters of The HagueEnglishThursday
DeventerDeventer ToastmastersDutchMonday
EindhovenLighttown SpeakersEnglishWednesday
EindhovenToastmasters EindhovenDutchMonday
ElstNijmegen-Overbetuwe-Arnhem ToastmastersDutch and EnglishThursday
EnschedeTwente ToastmastersDutch and EnglishTuesday
Epe-HeerdeEpe ToastmastersDutchWednesday
GroningenToastmasters GroningenEnglishWednesday
LarenGouden Raad ToastmastersDutch and EnglishMonday
LeeuwardenStenden ToastmastersEnglishWednesday
LeidenLeiden ToastmastersEnglishTuesday
MaastrichtToastmasters MaastrichtEnglishWednesday
Rotterdam010 Toastmasters ClubEnglishThursday
RotterdamSprekershaven Toastmasters RotterdamDutchThursday
RotterdamRotterdam ToastmastersEnglishTuesday
RijswijkShell Toastmasters at RijswijkEnglishTuesday or Thursday
TilburgToastmasters TilburgDutchMonday
UtrechtDomstad ToastmastersDutchMonday
UtrechtUtrecht ToastmastersEnglishFriday
WageningenToasties@HiveEnglishTuesday or Thursday
WageningenToastmasters WageningenEnglishMonday
ZwolleZwolle ToastmastersEnglishMonday