Contact Toastmasters Nederland

Thank you for your interest in Toastmasters! I am happy to help you.

If you are looking for a specific club, please find your club on the club list and send them an email using their contact form. You can ask all club-specific questions there, such as:

  • Whether you can visit the club as a guest at one of their meetings.
  • How to become a member of this club.
  • What does membership of this club cost?
  • and so on.

For all other questions about Toastmasters clubs in a specific area, please contact the area director for that area using the form below:

  • Area C1: Julita Davies
  • Area C2: Peter Mestrum
  • Area C3: Conny Oraby
  • Area E1: Brit Hopmann
  • Area E2: Anna Bisch
  • Area E3: Kiemthin Tjong Tjin Joe
  • Area E4: Philippe Cox
  • Area E5: Shashidhar Lakshmana
  • Area G1: Dalton Lewis
  • Area G2: Theo Teunissen
  • Area G3: Lucy Sennef
  • Area G4: Arthur Bennink

If you have questions about Toastmasters clubs beyond a specific area, please contact the division directors for the Netherlands: Andy Baker (division C), Faisal Irzal (division E), and Erik Kral (division G).

Good luck and have fun attending your next Toastmasters meeting!

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