Why Toastmasters


When you join Toastmasters, you become a member of the international Toastmasters network. Whether you are a student, have just started working, are an experienced manager or supervisor, have your own company, are self-employed, expat or (digital) nomad, at Toastmasters you build skills (and friendships) that rest of your life wherever you are, whoever you are with. 

Increase your self confidence

Do you have trouble sharing your opinion, giving feedback or speaking in or in front of groups? Toastmasters is a safe and pleasant environment where you quickly learn new skills. A world of new possibilities will open up to you. You will soon find yourself participating in meetings, giving presentations, listening and giving feedback to colleagues with more confidence for which they will thank you. Even the one-to-one communication with family, friends and colleagues will improve, becoming more positive and with more depth. 

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Make an impact with your story

Do you want to grab people’s attention, hold it and make an impact with your story? Then Toastmasters is for you. Storytelling. That’s what you learn! You learn how to properly structure a speech, how to keep the audience captivated from start to finish, and how to give speeches in an inspiring or convincing way that leave a lasting impression. 

Stand confidently on stage

Do you see a mountain in the way of you giving a presentation or speech? Not if you join Toastmasters. Never again have clammy hands, but stand confidently on stage! At Toastmasters you’ll learn to enchant your audience with your words, your story, your attitude, your tone of voice and your entire presence. We guarantee that you will become a good speaker who is looking forward to your next speeches. 

Becoming a good leader

Is leadership something you’d like to develop? Just wait until you become a member. Before you know it, you’ll want to participate in the various activities or be part of the club executive committee. At Toastmasters, you’ll develop not only your personal skills, but also your leadership skills all in an organic, natural way. Think of communication skills, presentation skills, project management skills, leadership, time management skills, social skills and more. These are skills you’ll be able to use in your professional career and in your personal life. 

Would you like to experience all this for yourself?