Kevin Cheng (young professional)

‘’I became a Toastmasters member to take my public speaking skills to the next level. I quickly realized that Toastmasters has much more to offer. For me, the most powerful part of Toastmasters are the evaluations. By providing an evaluation and receiving feedback, I have become much more aware of myself and I see myself … Ream more >>

Alex (TM Wageningen, student)

‘’Learning within your field of study is one thing – but combine that with the ability to communicate, and you stand out and can go much further. There have been so many occasions where being able to speak in front of a crowd has brought me opportunities I wouldn’t have otherwise had as a student, … Ream more >>

Arthur Bennink (entrepenuer)

‘’I am an entrepreneur, and I joined Toastmasters to improve my skills in public speaking and sales pitches. Already after a few times on stage, I was more confident. In addition to public speaking, Toastmasters is also an environment for me to try out other things that I can use in my company (e.g. giving … Ream more >>

Kiemthin (mid-career professional)

‘’What makes Toastmasters so great is that you do not only learn how to speech, but also other ways of communication, like listening, giving feedback, evaluating, improvising and organising These are invaluable skills which you will need for the rest of your life.’’ Kiemthin (mid-career professional) ‘’What makes Toastmasters so great is that you do … Ream more >>