Keep It Simple!

Speech by Rashwan at Leiden Toastmasters, 13 July 2022. Blog by Gaston Hummel.

“Keep It Simple” is not just a great title for a speech but a great philosophy for life!

In Rashwan’s speech he uses analogies between soccer, preparing a speech, his work as a spiritual care giver and his tips for living a good life.

All these things are fundamentally simple. In soccer there are two goals, a ball and twenty-two players who need to get the ball into their opponent’s goal! The most common advice from the sidelines is not to overthink and keep it simple. This was the most common advice from football legend Johan Cruyff too, “Football is a simple game. But the most difficult thing to do is to play it simple”.

Us Toastmasters often overthink preparing a speech too. When really it can be simple! Think of a topic that interests you, think about an interesting story about that topic and then simply tell your story, stay in the moment, don’t worry, and enjoy yourself.

“Life is not a project, it’s a series of connections.” Too many people chase experiences and pocessions instead of enjoying their present experience and connecting with those around them!

In his work as a spiritual care giver, Rashwan stays present and connects with his patients. Instead of planning speeches for his patients on, “The three steps for overcoming a loss,” or another structured and prepared approach statement which rarely works, Rashwan simply says, “This is difficult. I can’t imagine what you’re going through. What’s on your mind?” These three simple sentences show empathy and let Rashwan quickly connect with and help his patients.

Rashwan’s advice for living a fulfilled and connected life is:

· Keep it simple

· Keep it true

· Speak your heart

· Speak your mind

· And connect!

Check out Rashwan’s excellent speech in this video or visit if you’d like to attend one of our future meetings as a guest!