People Say, “Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover!”

Speech by Wiktor at Leiden Toastmasters, 23 August 2022. Blog by Gaston Hummel.

People say, “Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover!” That’s great advice because book covers are not generally representative of the quality of a book’s content.

Wiktor opens his speech by asking the audience who judges a book by its cover and then goes on to explore who judges those we meet by our first impression. The impression we get in the first four seconds of seeing someone?

While I’ve certainly tried hard over the last half of my life, 25 years, to not judge people by my first impressions, Wiktor points out that people generally cannot help but judge people they meet in the first few seconds.

Becoming aware of this fact and being determined to succeed in his career and other areas of life, Wiktor takes us on his journey from having a long haired, heavy metal image to transitioning to having a trustworthy, accountable, and professional technology executive image. During his speech, Wiktor transitions his hairstyle and his clothes to emphasise the points he wants to make!

Why not maximise your chances of success in life by making small tweaks to how you dress and present yourself to the world? It requires minimal effort and can make a huge impact! Watch this speech for tips from Wiktor on making the best first impressions to everyone you meet!

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