Speech by Davi at Leiden Toastmasters, 13 September 2022. Blog by Gaston Hummel.

One of our newest members gave a wonderful speech on “Purpose”. He shared a stunningly simple recipe of three steps we can follow that will lead to us enjoying a life of purpose.

As teenagers many of us dream of changing the world. As we grow up many of us discover the law of compounding. That is how a small effort every day can lead to significant results.

1) Each day you should love your neighbour. Unlike most animals, us humans are relational. Our families are precious and each day we should show them love, safety and make them feel they are protected. If each child gets enough love, then the world would be a better and safer place.

2) Seek a profession in which you serve others. This is in fact true of most professions. Some professionals like doctors obviously serve others. However, all jobs serve others in one way or another and it’s important for each of us to be mindful of how we serve others in our professions.

3) Community. We should recognise the communities we live in, the role we play in these communities and try to serve those in our communities as much as possible. That can be as simple as collecting mail or putting garbage out for a neighbour or simply asking how they’re doing.

We’re all members of Toastmasters to:

· Improve ourselves

· Help others give great speeches

· Become the master of our fears and blockers and overcome them

Davi finishes his speech by sharing his deep belief that all human beings share the same purpose in life. That is to live life by the three steps outlined in his speech and in this blog. If you don’t know your purpose, then Davi invites you to speak with him so that he can help you recognise that your purpose too is as simple as following these three steps. If you don’t know your purpose, then reflect thoughtfully on these three steps and I too am convinced that you’ll find it!

Check out Davi’s enlightening speech in the above video or visit https://toastmasters.nl/clubs/leiden-toastmasters if you’d like to attend one of our future meetings as a guest!