Amsterdamse Brugman Club – Public Speaking With Style!

Language Nederlands
Meeting Days Every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month
Times 19:30 to 21:30

wijkcentrum Pontania

Roomtuintjes 233

1093 TD Amsterdam

Online on request only

TM Site EasySpeak
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Amsterdamse Brugman Club: Your Gateway to Mastering Public Speaking in Dutch

The Amsterdamse Brugman Club is committed to being a top-tier club for Dutch speakers, focused on improving public speaking and communication skills. Located in Amsterdam, this club isn’t merely for Dutch language practice; it’s a friendly and supportive community aimed at boosting confidence of their members and refining their Dutch public speaking abilities. This English summary is provided for those who are not native Dutch speakers, offering a glimpse into what the Toastmasters Amsterdamse Brugman Club strives to achieve.

Public speaking in Dutch, like the great Brugman

The Amsterdamse Brugman Club, named after the renowned 15th-century Franciscan friar Johannes Brugman, is primarily for native Dutch speakers. Johannes Brugman was famed for his exceptional oratory skills, which led to the Dutch saying “praten als Brugman,” meaning to speak persuasively and eloquently, similar to the English idiom “talking the hind legs off a donkey.” Brugman was the Martin Luther King or Obama of the Low Countries.

The club’s activities and communication are predominantly in Dutch, aligning with its goal to enhance public speaking skills in this language. It’s most suitable for individuals who are fluent in Dutch, reflecting the linguistic prowess akin to that of Johannes Brugman.

While the primary audience is native Dutch speakers, expatriates or non-native speakers not yet fluent in Dutch are encouraged to join one of our English-speaking sister clubs in the area. However, non-native speakers who have achieved substantial fluency in Dutch are welcome at the Amsterdamse Brugman Club. This offers them an opportunity to practice and refine public speaking in the language that was spoken by the artist Rembrandt during his non-painting hours, fostering a deeper connection with Dutch culture and heritage.

Interested in becoming a member of a club that intertwines Dutch tradition with modern public speaking techniques? Dive deeper into our offerings, ethos, and membership details on our Dutch page, where the legacy of Brugman is kept alive through our vibrant community of speakers. Check our website for public speaking tips, how-to and club news.

Experience the Vibrancy of Our Meetings

We cordially invite you to experience the energy of our meetings, providing you with a sneak peek into our club atmosphere and the Toastmasters’ methodology. If you’re familiar with Toastmasters and have access to EasySpeak, register yourself as a guest for our meetings. For newcomers or inquiries, drop us a message using the form below, and let’s get the conversation started!

Connect, Communicate, and Conquer

With a focus on public speaking, leadership skills, and Dutch language enhancement, we hope to be more than a ‘just another communication course’. We are a club; we want to join and support each other, have fun together, we want to be connected: AND we want to be a catalyst for your communication mastery. Sounds ambitious, yeah? Well, we are.

We welcome visitors. Public speaking means: speaking to and connecting with the public, meet new people, talk to them. So every visitor that visits our club helps our speakers. And you? You’ll have a perfect evening with speeches, a glass of wine, jazz music and small talk afterwards. And if you decide to become a proficient public speaker in Dutch, we can help you.

We look forward to welcoming you. We think our club is not only ambitious, but also ‘gezellig’ – that very Dutch word that means cosy, cordial, happy and friendly, all in one word!

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