Twente Toastmasters

Language Dutch and English
Meeting Days Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month
Times 19.30 tot 21:30

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Speeltuin ‘t Hoogeland
Molukkenstraat 90
7512 XT Enschede

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“Practice makes perfect, the more I spoke, the better I got”

What do you want to learn?

Do you want to be a great and confident speaker? Would you like to boost your online presence? Or simply just want to get your message across, in speeches and presentation? And have fun doing so?
Everyone has a different motivation as to why join us – yet for everyone “speaking better” is key, and often also “without fear”.
Apart from that, Toastmasters is also the place to develop your leadership skills.

Do you want to take your communications skills to the next level?

Through regular practice you develop the presentations skills necessary to confidently communicate your message anywhere and everywhere and grow into a competent speaker and leader. The goal is not just to learn, but also to apply what you learn. Toastmasters is a “learning by doing” method, and we practice, practice, practice.

Do you want to receive quality feedback on your presentations?

Receiving personalized feedback is probably the most effective way to improve your skills.
Our members learn from the evaluations and feedback from fellow members, and providing feedback themselves. In addition, we also provide educational sessions to each other.
Please come along and experience a Toastmaster (online) meeting for yourself. We are always happy to welcome guests.

Do you want to meet like-minded people focused on self-improvement?

We are a group of people with the desire and the passion to help each other become better speakers and presenters. We are all convinced that the Toastmasters’ method of “learning by doing” is the best way of achieving this. We know that once on a stage, the theory is nice, but the practice is just that crucial bit different. Only in front of an audience, you really learn when and how your story sticks. It doesn’t matter if the podium is virtual: also in an online environment you can learn how to make a memorable impression and to keep your audience engaged.
Our club is a social bunch, united by our desire to develop good communication skills in public speaking, in use of words, spoken and written. We provide tools for organizing content, outlining speeches and building confidence. The Toastmaster’s learning experience is a journey of possibilities and progress, a journey of self-development.

Will you become a better speaker if you join?

You yourself influences this the most – the more effort you put in, the more result you get out. If you prepare for speaking, we can most definitely help you to get better. We can listen critically, identify your strong points, and explain what you can do to improve. You will get a very personalized advice. It doesn’t matter whether you have just started, or whether you are already a proficient speaker. And you will see, before you know it you will evaluate someone else – something that oddly enough will help build your speaking skills.

Do we expect anything in return?

Toastmasters is a club with a membership that you prolong every half year. We expect you to participate in giving feedback in one of the many roles we have, to organize something for the club every once in a while, or fulfill one of the seven board roles at some point.
Toastmasters isn’t just a method to become a better speaker, but it is also a way to develop your leadership skills. Toastmasters offers many opportunities for self-development, within the club, or even on an international level. In short, Toastmasters doesn’t ask for something, it also offers you a plethora of chances for personal growth.

Want to know more and receive and invitation?

Would you like to find out how it works? Of course you may join (online) to find out how we do it! That way you can find out if you fit in. You can join for free once (and maybe even try impromptu speaking). After that, you choose for a trial period (join 3 x for € 45), or a membership (€90 per half year). Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page, and we will contact you to discuss possibilities.
Please bring your QR code to the meeting.

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